Artist statement

As a person, I have come to enjoy quietness and simplicity. This has allowed me to reflect on physical and psychological experiences to explore concepts of absence, memory and identity evoked by seemingly insignificant possessions, particularly those that elicit memories or have shifted from being functional to symbolic as they are retained for their sentimental value or meaning.

As a painter, I am interested in the responsiveness to the painted surface and the interrelationship between the object and the act of painting as I immerse myself in the process of creating a conversation between belonging and navigating life’s experiences, where memory links moments in a fluid and enduring chain of self-identities. 

At the root of this current series is a need to make sense of self and current realities so having a system based on repetition, whereby several possessions are continually artistically recycled, affords a sense of stability and structure. This process often involves a period of contemplation before visual considerations become clearer or I can find ways to organise my visual thinking to find and possibly reveal an answer.